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About Michelle Rappaport...

Michelle Rappaport obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W) who has worked within the field of Special Education for over 25 years.  Michelle specializes in working with at-risk youth who are frequently in crisis.  Throughout her carer she has worked as a School Social Worker and Crisis Intervention Specialist.  Her current position is working as an Office Intervention Social Worker with high school students in a public therapeutic day school.  She has worked with all levels and ages of school in primary and secondary education. 
An opponent of out-of-school suspension, Michelle's philosophy in working with students with emotional and behavorial difficulties is to elicit behavioral change through the teaching of new skills.  Rather than excluding students from school following serious incident through the means of suspension, Michelle's methods of practice include processing and mediating with students following a crisis situation to help them gain insight surrounding their maladaptive patterns of behaviors.  Michelle's techniques include teaching youth new strategies to help avoid future crisis through participation in the Building Bridges program.
Michelle Rappaport travels to many cities and helps schools and districts implement the Building Bridges program. Contact Michelle's team to learn more about how your school or district can benefit from the Building Bridges program.  
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