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Evaluation of Building Bridges Program: 


Behavior data used by the school to trace change in behavior (this can include referral sheets, disciplinary reports; formal behavior tracking system such as School Wide Information System (SWIS) or any other way a school may choose to track data.  Attendance, Grades, Teacher Feedback, Administrator Feedback can be used to determoine the effectiveness of this program for an individual student and the program as a whole. 


The evaluation of the Building Bridges program is currently being conducted by Loyola University of Chicago. The outcome of their initial evaluation was presented in 2014 at the National Association for School Psychologist conference in Washington, DC.  Loyola University's preliminary findings are that students with serious emotional issues who participated in the Building Bridges program following a major discipline referral went a statistically significant longer period of time (e.g. number of school days) before having another recurrence compared to those that did not participate in the Building Bridges program (Engler, L; Rappaport, M; Hernadez, C; Jabines, February, 2014).

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